MATRIX New Product Launch Announcement | Industrial Measurement Helper - WPS-L Series DC Power Supply

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Update time : 2023-04-22 11:57:16
MATRIX TECHNOLOGY INC. has launched a new wide range DC power supply - WPS-L series, which has performance characteristics such as high accuracy, low ripple, low noise, and LIST programming. It can be widely used in various testing fields such as DC-DC power modules, battery charging, sensors, laboratory research and development, and product aging.
The rear panel of the WPS-L series DC power supply is equipped with standard RS232/485, USB, LAN (optional), and analog control interface (optional), supporting the SCPI protocol, facilitating remote control, industrial PLC control, and building an intelligent testing platform. The power supply is equipped with a built-in SENSE remote compensation terminal, which can avoid inaccurate voltage output caused by voltage drop on the wire.
WPS-L is a regulated power supply developed specifically to meet the needs of a wide range of voltage and current changes. It provides four specifications and models to choose from, and can output voltage 0-80V and current 0-5A/10A/20A/30A, integrating convenience and cost-effectiveness. The power supply provides comprehensive protection functions, meets CE standard certification, and has overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, and short circuit protection; In addition, WPS-L has OVP hardware protection design, and its ultra fast response speed makes you more proficient in use.

Product Features
Auto Range function
The WPS-L series adopts automatic wide range output technology, which can achieve multiple combinations of voltage and current outputs under fixed power. A single power supply can meet the testing of different test objects with high voltage, low current, or high current, low voltage. At the same time, because the output of power supply voltage and current is controlled by the limit power, it will be manifested as automatic range switching of voltage and current.
Remote compensation function
In order to avoid voltage drop caused by excessively long wires connecting the load, remote testing allows for direct measurement at the terminals of the tested object to improve measurement accuracy. S+and S - are remote measurement terminals, and+and - are output positive and negative terminals. When using the remote measurement function, you can turn on the sense function in the settings and connect S+and S - to the object to be measured.
Built in digital voltmeter (DVM)
The WPS-L series power supply has a built-in four and a half digit voltmeter. The voltage between 0.001V and 80.000V can be measured through the DVM meter input on the back of the instrument, and the measured value will be displayed on the VFD display screen.
List programming function
Without the need for software, it is possible to modify and edit the waveform of voltage and current output changes over time based on customer testing needs, and automatically transform the output. Its application scope includes voltage drop testing of DC/DC converters and inverters, automatic battery charging, product life cycle testing, and civil aviation testing.
Output timer function (Timer)
The WPS-L series supports the output timer function. Enable this function in the menu and set the timer time. The timer starts from the power output is turned on, and automatically turns off the output at the set timer time. The timing output time range is 0.1s~99999.9s.
Optional external analog interface
The rear panel analog interface is connected to an external socket board through a cable, and a voltage of 0-10V is applied to the corresponding pins on the socket board to simulate the output of 0 to full scale voltage or current.

Product Features
Provide 4 model options
The WPS-L series adopts automatic wide range output technology, which can achieve multiple combinations of voltage and current outputs under fixed power.
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