AC Power Source APS-4000 Series

APS4000 series is a ac power source from 350VA to 1200VA, Output frequency: 45Hz-250Hz continuously adjustable (special frequency can be customized); Output phase voltage: withstand 1V-150VAC, high-grade 151V-300VAC, automatic gear 1V-300V.
Description Review
●The advanced direct digital frequency synthesizer (DDS) waveform is used to achieve high frequency stability, good continuity and accurate measurement;
●Measuring function: voltage, current, frequency,power, power factor;
●Strong overload capacity, 300% overload 2s;
●Keyboard shortcuts: 110V, 220V, 50Hz, 60Hz shortcuts self-assembly;
●Intelligent analyzing function: automatically judge the cause of failure and situation, as well as display the code when alarming is reported;
●Key LOCK function prevents inadvertent touch;
●With key lock M1, M2,M3,M4 and M5 five sets of memory, can store the commonly used voltage V and frequency F, easy to recall them by one key;
●Equipped with 100% load and unload function, the voltage stabilizing reaction time is within 20ms;
●Output voltage 0-150.00V、0-300.00V;
●Push-down infinite coding knob switch, adjusting cursor position by pressing the knob;
●Input frequency 45.00-250.00Hz;
●Four window five digit display, display voltage V, frequency F, current I, power P, power factor PF simulta neously, and more accurate;
●Input and output are isolated;
●Has soft start function to avoid the damage to power supply caused by the instantaneous impulse current of the load (such as motor) when power on.