DC Power Supply HPS Series (Discontinued)

The HPS Series series programmable DC power supply  is a high-precision, full-featured high-power density programmableDC Power Supplies. It can provide wide-range, low-ripple and stable DC output which is used for DC input Products and components function testing andexperimental simulation.
Description Review
●Multiple voltage series, multiple models to choose: 300V/600V/1000V;
●Programmable sets of voltage and current sequences;
●Single power range: 3kW/5kW/10kW/15kW;
●Remote voltage compensation, output DC-ON signal;
●Single voltage range: 0-1000V, current range: 0-60A;
●Perfect protection function OVP, OCP, OHP, fan faliure;
●30/15kW High power density;
●Full color LCD display, digital keyboard, make operation more convenient;
●Supports multiple power supplies in parallel, power up to 150kW;
●Effectively prevent current reflux;
●High precision in measuring voltage and current;
●Standard RS -232, optional GPIB;
●Programmable change slope in output voltage and current;
●No-load fast discharge design.

Product Model


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