DC Power Supply MPS-3206 Series

MPS- -3206 is a kind of economic regulated DC power supply with good quality and high stability; it has LED four digit voltage and current display, over voltage protection (OVP)、over current protection ( OCP )、over tempera-ture protection ( OTP ) , etc..
OVP/OCP can be set according to requirement. It is a good tool for colleges teaching, factory production, equipment maintenance etc..
Description Review
●Voltage and current simutaneously display, double four-digit LED display;
●High power up to 192W with smal volume;
●Ultra lightweight design, bare machine weight only 1.4kg;
●Smart fan, unique air duct design keeps normal temperature for long time fullad working;
●Five sets of storage functions, greatly conve nient for users;
●OVP/OCP setting function;
●Encoder sets voltage and curent. Fast and longer life;
●Output power switch function.