DC Power Supply PDS Series

This series of products is a programmable DC switching power supply with high accuracy and single output. It is light and compact, adjustable in voltage and current, and has multiple operating modes.The whole system is completely controlled by the microprocessor (mpu), and can easily use the communication interface (rs-232) to connect with the computer (pc) to meet the user's requirements for automatic testing and automatic control. The software instructions are completely in accordance with the scpi command. The format makes it easy for users to develop automatic test and automatic control applications.Due to the full digitalization of the system, the data input is completely controlled by the keyboard and knob, which is fast, accurate and convenient.Can be widely used in electronic product development, device testing, communications industry, laboratories and scientific research institutions.
Description Review
●Voltage 1mV current 1mA resolution, high precision display;
●Output switch control, easy control;
●Numeric keypad and knob two ways to set the voltage and current;
●Intelligent temperature control fan, extremely practical;
●100 sets of voltage and current storage call out function, convenient and quick;
●The knob adopts the code switch, which is convenient to use and has the function of preventing misadjustment;
●Voltage compensation function ensures high precision;
●Over voltage, over current, over temperature protection functio.

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