Digital Multimeter MDM-8145A 8146A 8155A

A multimeter provides 4 1/2digits, high-performance AC and DC measurements. The multimeter is equipped with a 3.5-inch color display with high resolution and built-in intelligent operation system, and is able to provide more information and functions, simpler operation, wider testing range and more flexible and convenient system building. It is a new digit multimeter that leads the developing tendency above.
Description Review

●Double - parameter display can display two parameters of one input signal;
●Use 3.5-inch screen with clear reading;
●Speed of measurement: FAST (6 times/second), MID (4 times/second), SLOW (1 time/second);
●Has duty ratio measurement function /capacitance measurement;
●With manual/automatic range setting function;
●Square wave output function (MDM-8145A and MDM-8146A are optional);
●Supports SCPI protocol and provides program-ming documentation;
●Communication interface: USB Device, RS232(MDM-8145A and MDM-8146A are optional);
●Periodic and frequency measurements frequency can reach up to 20MHz;
●AC DC voltage,AC DC current, two wire/ four-wire resistance measurement;
●With keyboard lock function, and provide system settings, customized setting of language, buzzer, screen brightness;
●Provide automatic trigger, external trigger and single trigger;
●Maximum 10A current and 1000V DC voltage measurement capability;
●It has simple external calibration function.