Digital Multimeter MDM-8165 8165A

A multimeter provides 6 1/2digits, high-performance AC and DC measurements. The multimeter is equipped with a 3.5-inch color display with high resolution and built-in intelligent operation system, and is able to provide more information and functions, simpler operation, wider testing range and more flexible and convenient system building. It is a new digit multimeter that leads the developing tendency above.
Description Review
●6 1/2 resolution (MDM-8165A/MDM-8165);
●Software could be updated by customers;
●3.5-inch color display screen (resolution ratio 320*480);
●two-wire and four -wire resistance measurement , temperature measurement;
●Graphic display;
●10Ω and 1GΩ 's extension range current measurement capacity reaches up to 12A;
●Double parameter display;
●GPIB,RS-232, LAN ,USB interface are optional, functions of trigger input and output of measuring completion;
●Many math functions;
●Measuring speed: 0.02NPLC- 100NPLC;
●Support SCPI language.