Electrical Safety Tester MST-8101,8103

Multi-channel Output is an internal high-voltage switching module attached at the bottom of the instrument. Through multi-channel output module, multiple test points of the components can be connected with multiple channels at a time. During testing, the instrument can be set to control the channel switch. Controllable testing can be achieved by connecting the corresponding port to withstand voltage test terminal. With this multi-channel module, rapid connection can be achieved through test fixture without changing ports during the testing process.
Description Review
●4.3-inch TFT color screen display, clear at a glance;
●105 test files can be compiled, and 25 test steps can be set for each file;
●Current resolution up to 0.1μA, accurate;
●Automatic discharge function after the test is over;
●Up to 10GQ insulation resistance test range;
●100VA capacity.