Electronic Load PEL-8000 Series

PEL-8000 series product is a new generation of DC electron-ic load, adopt new chip to achieve high speed and high precision design, provide 0.1 mV and 0.01 mA resolution (basic accuracy is 0.03%, the current rise of 2.5 A/us), with novel appearance, scientific and rigorous production technology, this one is more cost-effective compare to similar products. It can be widely used in the production line (phone charger, cell phone batteries, electric vehicle batteries, switch power supply, linear power supply), scientific research institutions, automotive electronics, aerospace, marine, solar batteries, fuel cells and other industries.
Description Review
●CC, CV , CR, CP , short circuit dynamic and other working modes;
●Accuracy of 0.1%;
●Support extermal trigger input, output;
●Over voltage, overcurrent, overpower, overheat, polarity reverse protection;
●Automatic test function setting, more conve-nient operation;
●High brightness vacuum VFD screen and display V,A,P simultaneously;
●RS - 232 interface. Optional special communication line connecting computer.


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