Linear DC Power Supply MPS-5 Series

The five-channel programmable DC power supply is a new generation of high-quality programmable linear DC power supply. The five channels can independently adjust the voltage and current. This series of products are equipped with RS232 communication interface, which has both desktop and system characteristics, and can be arbitrarily matched with other instruments, Integrated as a test system with special functions to complete the measurement requirements in different occasions. The upper computer program can be edited through the communication protocol, which brings great convenience to the user. It is a replacement product of the ordinary programmable power supply and has a high cost-effective advantage.
Description Review
●5 in 1, easy to operate, small volume;
●30V/5A, 60V/3A output five channel are isolated;
●Voltage compensation function improves accuracy;
●1mV/0.1mA high resolution;
●Linear power supply, low ripple and noise;
●Panel operation, it is convenient to be used independently.