Linear DC Power Supply MPS-H-1 Series

MPS-H-1 series DC power supply is a new generation of high-quality linear DC power supply, with remote voltage compensation function, automatic conversion of voltage stabilization and current, high stability, high reliability, high precision, and display output voltage and current at the same time. Very high cost-effective advantage.
Description Review
●1mV/1mA resolution;
●Voltage compensation function to ensure high precision;
●Current can be set without short circuit;
●USB, RS-232/485 are optional ;
●Current and voltage output can be set in a certain range, which avoid over tuning to break tested object;
●Two groups memory, can be recalled quickly;
●Current and voltage adjusting knob adopts coding switch design, easy to use, long life, low failure rate;
●Slow startup circuit design, so that the startup current pulse is smaller;
●OVP/OCP function.


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