Linear DC Power Supply MPS-P Series

This series of programmable DC power supply is a new generation of high-quality programmable linear DC power supply. It can display voltage, current, power and other parameters in multiple windows at the same time. This series of products is equipped with RS232 communication interface. It can be combined with other instruments arbitrarily and integrated into a test system with special functions to meet the measurement requirements in different occasions. The host computer program can be edited through the communication protocol, which brings great convenience to the user's use. It is a replacement product of ordinary programmable power supplies. , has a very high cost-effective advantage.
Description Review
●The highest resolution of voltage 1mV and current 1mA, high-precision display of V/AW;
●Slow-start circuit design for start-up has low surge current and high practicability;
●The current can be easily preset without short circuit, subverting your use;
●Output switch control, easy to control;
●Voltage compensation function to ensure high accuracy;
●V/A can be set to adjust within an interval to prevent misoperation from damaging the measured object;
●Sequence output function, convenient and easy to use;
●Power-on state memory settings;
●Data memory function, convenient and quick to call;
●The buzzer can be turned off and on;
●The knob adopts a coded switch, which is convenient and quick to use and has the function of preventing misadjustment;
●One key to restore factory settings;
●Intelligent temperature control fan, extremely practical;
●OVP/OCP settings, complete functions;
●Input voltage 110V/220V switch, universal.


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