MTR-2000 Series Temperature Recorder

● Multi-interface display,file list,real-time list display, histogram display,real-timelrecord/analysis curve display,alarm list,system Settings,etc..
●Supports multiple sensor inputs:K J E TN S R B.
●Basic measurement accuracy:0.2° ℃+2 words(without sensor),cold end compensation accuracy: 0.5 ℃ .
●Each channel can be set to use different thermocouple types.
●Support a maximum of 64 recording files,each file 130,000 groups of data,1 to 9999seconds interval arbitrary setting, the maximum recording time =97 days x interval.
●USB and RS485 communication ports are standard.
● Using 8 different thermocouples at the same time.
●Modular design, each module 8 channels,support a maximum of 64 channels,Automatic identification of capacity expansion.
Description Review
  • Instrument can be used as U disk
  • 32 channels can be displayed simultaneously
  • A one-second interval can also record 97 days
  • One click fast recording
  • List,curve,histogram display
  • Remote Firmware Upgrade
  • Strong anti-jamming 
  • Record files are exported or deleted at any time
  • Customize channel names and export EXCEL files 
  • Multistage alarm function,double relay output
  • Using 8 different thermocouples at the same time

Model MTR-2000
Mode of display 5 "TFT true color LCD industrial touch screen 854*480 pixels
Form of display Real-time list,curve (historical curve),bar chart, current alarm (historical alarm),file record list.
Query of records The machine view record curve,historical alarm record,computer software analysis query.
Number of channels Each module supports 8 channels and a maximum of 64 channels
Thermoelectric couple KJETNSRB
Basic accuracy 0.2°℃+2 words (without thermocouple error)
Range of measurement -200~1820°C (based on the thermocouple indexing range)
Cold end compensation Accuracy :0.5℃
Resolution 0.1℃
correction Independent error correction per channel Y=kx+b(x=measured value)
Number of files 64(loop records)
File capacity One file can record 130,000 groups (without distinguishing the number of channels).
Usb flash drive interface Export record file, second change U disk function(instrument is U disk), directly view the files and software.
Recording Duration The one-second recording interval can be consecutively recorded for 97 days.
Rate of sampling Each channel fast :0.1S, slow: 1S
Isolation between channels Ac/DC up to 350V,high voltage livemeasurement,
super anti-interference ability 
Control output Two sets of independent relay outputs are(H/L) and (HH/LL) relaysvv
Alarm sound All the buzzer sounds (any alarm sounds,can be muted)
Interval of recording 1 to 9999 seconds for any setting
Communication interface USBand RS485 ports are standard
Power supply power AC85-265V±10%, frequency 50Hz/60Hz<10W
Thermoelectric couple Each channel is equipped with a 2 m K thermocouple
Size Width 220X deep 293X height (including feet)106mm,the size is about the size of A4 paper
Weight About 3Kg(configuration varies)
Environmental Conditions 5~40℃,20%~ 80%RH(no condensation)