MFG-3000 Serier Function Arbitrary Waveform Generator

These series two-channel function/arbitrary waveform generator is equipped with direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology which enables output signal to be stable and accurate.
Instrument output channel sets CH1 channel output and CH2 channel output. CH1 channel is major output channel for output of all the following functions; CH2 channel is an auxiliary channel for output of basic waveform and arbitrary wave.User can switch channel major and auxiliary relationships in the utility.
Description Review
●3.5-inch 480x320TFT LCD with dear graphic interface;
●Sampling rate: 200MSa/S, vertical resolution:13 bit and storage depth: 8k;
●5 basic waveforms and 32 arbitrary waveforms in-built;
●Internal/extemal AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK and PSK modulation function;
●With RS232 interface, USB Device, USB Host interface supporting USB flash disk storage (USB Host Optiona).