Multichannel Temperature Measuring Instrument MR-3000P Series

Multi-channel touch Data Recorders have been widely used in all fields of life with their rich display screens, flexible operation methods, and powerful recording, computing, control and management functions. This product absorbs the advantages of various domestic and foreign data recorders, and applies the latest display technology, microelectronic technology, data storage and communication technology. It is a product with complete functions, convenient operation, accurate and reliable, and high cost performance.
Description Review
●10-inch high-brightness touch color TFT LCD screen;
●Alarm function, indicating the lower limit, lower limit, upper limit, and upper limit alarm of each channel at the same time; 8 relay alarm outputs (optional);
●ARM microprocessor, can realize multi-channel (up to 64 channels) signal acquisition, recording, display and alarm at the same time;
●3459MB large-capacity FLASH flash memory chip, never lose data when power off;
●The data range of display quantity is wider, which can display 6 digits: -999, 99~ 1999.99;
●Fully isolated universal input which can be directly set on the instrument to input multiple signals at the same time;
●Support interal/external micro print data;
●Single 8-64 channel free combination, RS232, RS485, USB, GPIB, Ethernet a variety of communication modes,Support standard;
●Built-in GB2312 Chinese character library Modbus RTU communication protocol .


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