High Power Meter MPM-1010 1010B

MPM-1010 high-precision power meter applies direct plug mode instead of traditional terminal posts according to customers suggestion, to improve safety and convenience. The voltage and current sampling section uses precision resistance direct sampling instead of traditional transformer sampling, which ensures the original data is undistorted and improves the accuracy of the instrument. And this machine is especially adapted to some half wave and other various waveform measurement of DC component, testing full wave resistance, the distorted wave, half wave, symmetrical and unsymmetrical square wave, triangle wave, sawtooth wave and other special waveform under AC mode. It is a high cost-effective prod- uct with novel appearance and scientific design. It is widely used in mobile phone charger, adapter, switch power, household appliance, transformer and other industries.
Description Review
●The six test parameters V, A, P, PF/F/Apk;
●The upper and lower limit of power factor, current and power, and there is a sound light alarm, suitable for production line batch test;
●The wider frequency response is 15hz- 650hz, exceeding all products at the same level;
●Direct way saves the wiring trouble, enhance the security and convenience;
●Precision resistance sampling technology, suitable for a wider range of products.


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