Linear DC Power Supply MPS-3600LP Series

MPS-3600LP series is the high-quality programmable DC power supply of new generation, and this series of products can be equipped with communication interface. MPS-3600LP series power supply has the characteristics of both desktop type and system type, and can be freely matched with other instruments to integrate into the test system with special functions so as to meet measurement demands on different occasions, and the program can be edited through panel keyboard to bring great convenience to users. It is an alternative product of the ordinary programmable power supply, and has advantage of high cost performance.
Description Review

1. LIST programme output function;

2. Set current and voltage regulation range;

3. Save last time output data and state;

4. External trigger function;

5. Pass/fail signal output function;

6. Standard with RS-232, SENSE, analog control is optional;

7. Nine sets of voltage and current storage call out function, convenient and quick;

8. Output switch control, easy contro;

9. Input voltage 110V/220V switching, universal;


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