Linear DC Power Supply MPS-D+ Series

MPS D+ series single-channel adjustable DC power supply is an economical linear DC power supply with high quality and high stability, which is widely used in laboratory, school and production line. In each gear, the output voltage and current can be adjusted continuously thourgh coarse and fine tune within measure range . The output voltage value and output current value can be read accurately and respec-tively on the display window. With a modern circuit design, this instrument can be used as a stable voltage source, also a stable current source.
Description Review
●Current pre-set without short circuit, namly can set the max output current directly;
●Smart fan reduce the working noise;
●Spec:30V/3A, 30V/5A, 60V/3A, 30V/10A, 60V/5A,15V/10A,15V/15A;
●OTP overtemperature protection, more comprehensive protection;
●Output on/off function;
●Fine/coarse tuning Input voltage 110V/220V switchable;
●The smallest 300W(60V/5A,30V/10A) linear adjustable power supply in industry.


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