Oscilloscope Probe

Essentially, an oscilloscope probe establishes a physical and electrical connection between a test point or source and an oscilloscope; in fact, an oscilloscope probe is a type of device or network that connects a signal source to an oscilloscope input, There are three key issues with the degree of connectivity: physical connectivity, impact on circuit operation, and signal transmission.
Description Review

●Miniature probe tip: easier to connect into tested circuit
●Frequency width DC-500MHz
●P6139B With automatic identification function
●Parts combination :more. flexible usage, adapt to more test occasions

●Frequency width DC-250MHz
●Automatically identification function
●Voltage withstand as high as 3000VpK
●High precision accuaracy < 1%

●Separate design
●Adopt large scale integrated circuit , SMT process, with better reliability and stability
●40MN high resistance
●Super high speed test probe, rising time can reach to 3.5ns