PDS-E series adjustable DC power supply

The PDS-E series is a new generation of high-quality adjustable regulated DC power supply, with a novel appearance, high power density, high efficiency, small size, simple operation, good stability, and great convenience for users. It has a high cost-effectiveness advantage
Description Review
There are two ways to set the digital keyboard and knob adjustment: voltage and current
Resolution of voltage 1mV and current 1mA
Multiple voltage and current storage call functions
Battery charging mode, upper and lower current setting function, with alarm
Stylish and compact appearance, affordable price, and high cost-effectiveness

Model PDS-3020E PDS-6010E
Rated Input Voltage AC220V/110V±10%
Rated Output Voltage 0-30V 0-60V
Rated Output Current 0-20A 0-10A
Load regulation rate Voltage <0.1%+20mV <0.1%+10mV
Current <0.1%+5mA <0.1%+5mA
Power regulation rate Voltage <0.1%+20mV <0.1%+10mV
Current <0.1%+5mA <0.1%+5mA
Setting resolution Voltage 1mV 1mV
Current 1mA 1mA
Read back resolution Voltage 1mV 1mV
Current 1mA 1mA
Setting accuracy                   (25℃±5℃) Voltage ≤0.1%+10mV ≤0.1%+10mV
Current ≤0.3%+8mV ≤0.3%+5mV
Read back accuracy         (25C±5°℃) Voltage ≤0.1%+10mV ≤0.1%+10mV
Current ≤0.3%+8mV ≤0.3%+5mV
temperature coefficient Operating 0to40℃≤85R.H 0to40℃≤85R.H
Storage -15to 70°C≤85R.H -15to 70°C≤85 R.H
Product size (W*H*D) mm 230*105*330 230*105*330
Packing size(W*H*D) mm 305*203*426 305*203*426
Net weight kg 3.5 3.5
Gross weight kg 4.5 4.5