MPS-200 High Precision Programmable DC Power Supply

The MPS-200 series is a new high-precision programmable switching DC power supply, with a novel appearance, light weight, small size, simple operation, and great convenience for users. It has a high cost-effectiveness and comes standard with RS232, RS485, and USB communication interfaces. It can be widely used in electronic product development, component testing, communication industry, laboratories, research institutions, etc..
Description Review
● Resolution of voltage 1mV and current 0.1mA, high-precision display
● Set voltage and current through two methods: digital keyboard and knob
● Nine sets of voltage and current storage and retrieval functions, convenient and fast
● Output switch control, easy to control
● Intelligent temperature controlled fan, extremely practical
● The knob adopts a coding switch, which is convenient and fast to use, and has anti misadjustment function
● LIST output function
● Voltage and current range setting function
● OVP/OCP setting function
● One click initialization function

Model MPS-200 MPS-201 MPS-202
Rated input voltage AC220V/110V±10%
Rated output voltage 0-32V 0-60V
Rated output current 0-6A 0-10A 0-5A
Load regulation rate Voltage ≤0.02%+5mV ≤0.02%+8mV ≤0.02%+5mV
Current ≤0.02%+5mA ≤0.02%+5mA ≤0.02%+5mA
Line regulation rate Voltage ≤0.02%+5mV ≤0.02%+8mV ≤0.02%+5mV
Current ≤0.02%+5mA ≤0.02%+5mA ≤0.02%+5mA
Setting resolution Voltage 1mV
Current 0.1mA
Read back resolution Voltage 1mV
Current 0.1mA
Setting accuracy        (25°℃±5°℃) Voltage ≤0.1%+8mV
Current ≤0.2%+2mA
Read back accuracy (25C±5C) Voltage ≤0.1%+8mV
Current ≤0.2%+2mA
Ripple and noise (25C±5℃) Voltage <8mVmms <8mVmms <10mVmms
Current <3mArms <5mArms <3mArms
temperature coefficient Operating 0to 40°C≤80R.H
Storage -15to 70C≤80R.H
Machine size(W*H*D) mm 111*170*250
Net weight kg 2KG


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