WPS-L Series wide range programmable DC power supply

• High visibility vacuum fluorescent display (VFD)
• The voltage and current can be adjusted by using the digital keyboard or knob
• The digital step value can be adjusted with the cursor
• High accuracy and resolution
• It can be output according to the voltage and current value programmed
• Set the timing output time (0.1~99999.9 seconds)
• Low ripple and low noise
• Intelligent fan control, energy saving, noise reduction, remote compensation function, compensation of online voltage drop
• With rich SCPI instructions, it is convenient to build an intelligent test platform
• With voltage, overcurrent and over-temperature protection functions
• Support front and rear panel output
• Optional external analog control function
Description Review
  • LIST output function
  • Timing output time can be set (0.1~99999.9 seconds)
  • Remote compensation function to compensate the voltage drop on line
  • With abundantSCPI instructions make it easy to build an intelligent testing platform
  • Optional external analog control function
  • Supports output from the front and rear panels
  • DVM voltmeter measurement function
  • Internal temperature monitoring function

Model WPS100-8005L WPS200-8010L WPS400-8020L WPS600-8030L
Rated input voltage AC220V/110V±10%
Rated output voltage 0~80V 0~80V 0~80V 0~80V
Rated output current 0~5A 0~10A 0~20A 0~30A
Rated output power 100W 200W 400W 600W
Load regulation rate  Voltage ≤0.01%+3mV ≤0.01%+10mV ≤0.01%+30mV ≤0.01%+30mV
Current ≤0.05%+2mA ≤0.05%+4mA ≤0.05%+6mA ≤0.1%+10mA
Line regulation Voltage ≤001%+3mV ≤0.01%+10mV ≤0.01%+30mV ≤0.01%+30mV
Current ≤0.05%+2mA ≤0.05%+4mA ≤0.05%+6mA ≤0.1%+10mA
Setting value resolution Voltage 1mV 1mV 1mV 1mV
Current 0.1mA 1mA 1mA 1mA
Readback value resolution Voltage 1mV 1mV 1mV 1mV
Current 0.1mA 1mA 1mA 1mA
Setting accuracy   (25℃±5℃) Voltage ≤0.03%+5mV ≤0.03%+5mV ≤0.03%+5mV ≤0.03%+5mV
Current ≤0.1%+3mA ≤0.1%+5mA ≤0.1%+10mA ≤0.1%+15mA
Readback accuracy        (25℃±5℃) Voltage ≤0.03%+5mV ≤0.03%+5mV ≤0.03%+5mV ≤0.03%+5mV
Current ≤0.1%+3mA ≤0.1%+5mA ≤0.1%+10mA ≤0.1%+15mA
Ripple Voltage ≤5mVms ≤5mVms ≤8mVrs ≤10mVrms
Current ≤5mArms ≤6mArms ≤8mArms ≤15mArms
Rising time ≤150mS(10%-90%) ≤150mS(10%-90%) ≤150mS(10%-90%) ≤150mS(10%-90%)
Falling time ≤2S(10%-90%) ≤2S(10%-90%) ≤2S(10%-90%) ≤2S(10%-90%)
Size mm 255*110*380 255*110*475
Weight kg 82 92 13.3 15.2

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