MATRIX New Product Launch Announcement | School Experimental Helper - MPS-3260 Series Three Channel DC Power Supply

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Update time : 2023-05-26 10:11:43
The MPS-3260 series is a multi-channel DC regulated power supply jointly developed by MATRIX TECHNOLOGY and a university team. Since its development, it has always adhered to the concept of "lighter, smaller, and more accurate". Through countless discussions and continuous improvements, it has finally welcomed the product's launch announcement.
The MPS-3260 series power supply has the characteristics of high precision, light weight, and small size. The weight of the bare machine is only 3.5Kg (half lighter than products of the same specification and model on the market), making it easy to grip with one hand. Large high-definition LED screen, capable of displaying voltage, current, and power simultaneously, with clear parameter status at a glance.
The MPS-3260 series supports three independent switch control outputs, adapting to diverse site requirements, and integrating convenience and cost-effectiveness. Provide comprehensive protection functions, comply with CE standard certification, have overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, and short circuit protection, and support voltage/current settings between upper and lower limits, ensuring the safety of the product and its use.

                                                                                                              PRODUCT FEATURES

Four channel output
The MPS-3260 series multi-channel DC power supply supports up to four channels of output. CH1 and CH2 support one key series parallel connection, and provide 10mV/1mA high-resolution, three independent switch control, and OVP/OCP/OTP complete protection functions.

Intelligent fan
Intelligent monitoring of temperature, achieving automatic adjustment of speed and wind power. The fan automatically starts and shuts down, without the need for manual control. It can be automatically turned on according to the temperature of the power supply, effectively reducing noise, especially suitable for schools, classrooms, offices, and other places.

5 sets of preset storage
It has 5 sets of preset storage functions. One click call of voltage and current data, and single click storage and call of parameters through panel buttons M1-M5, which is simple and convenient, greatly improving the flexibility and convenience of on-site use, effectively saving time, and improving work efficiency.

Independent switch control
CH1/CH2/CH3 independently controls the output switch button, which can be turned on or off simultaneously. It supports various interactive combinations, such as CH1 independent output, CH1 and CH3 combined output, CH2 and CH3 output. It is flexible and adaptable to various testing needs, making it very convenient to use. The three channels are isolated from each other and do not affect each other.

One key series parallel connection
CH1/CH2 supports one key serial parallel function, which can effectively expand the output range of the power supply and meet the requirements for different V/I ranges. After the series/parallel mode is turned on, the output parameters in this state can be directly displayed, which is straightforward and can be achieved in series and parallel without the need for additional external wiring, bringing more convenience to your testing.

Voltage/current/power display
Adopting high-definition LED digital display, supporting simultaneous 4-bit display of CH1/CH2 voltage, current, and power, precise and easy to use, with clear parameter status at a glance. The coding switch adjusts the voltage and current, and the cursor can be used to adjust the digital step value, achieving one-step operation.

                                                                                                        Specification and model   

Provide 2 model options
The MPS-3260 series offers two models to choose from, CH1/CH2 is 32V/6A and independently adjustable, CH3 is fixed at 2.5V/3.3V/5V, 3A, and CH4 is fixed with USB output at 5V/2A (only available in 3264).

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